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12Mar 2019
Small Ceiling Speakers for small room corridor in ceiling flush mount

Small Ceiling Speakers for Ceiling Mount Installation of Small Room Menu ARTONE Small Ceiling Speakers Overview The Advantage to Use Small Ceiling Speakers Products Review (#1 to #5 item) Small Ceiling Speaker Installation ARTONE Small Ceiling Speakers Overview  It is easy to find many ceiling speakers in ARTONE commercial speaker list. Some ceiling speakers for […]

23Nov 2018

Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse. ARTONE Audio wish you to enjoy with your loved ones on Thanksgiving Day!  

20Sep 2018
Cafe shops restaurants chain stores 100W ARTONE Audio background music Bluetooth speaker system

8 reasons the restaurant’s owner were right about install ARTONE active Bluetooth wall speaker BS-1604A sound system Active Bluetooth wall mount speaker BS-1604A Passive wall mount speaker BS-1640Z (low impedance) The cafe shops, restaurants, catering chain stores, beer bars and pub’s owner often gives below requirements for their music or sound system High quality sound […]

25Aug 2018

The ARTONE PA Mixer Amplifier PMS-5120CD and PMS-5240CD   5 zone mixer amplifier ARTONE audio PMS-5120CD and PMS-5240CD, is a versatile commercial audio system, which built-in 120W and 240W amplifier and CD, MP3, tuner, Bluetooth audio sources. Independent ON / OFF switches for 5 separated zone. 2 AUX inputs and 3 MIC 6.3 Jacks. Chime […]

13Mar 2018
Professional Speaker Factory ARTONE audio Manufacturer

ARTONE Audio recently released few economy and cheap ceiling speaker for budget and less expense sound project, • Ceiling Speaker CS-108 available in black or white colour, the speaker frame and grille made completely in plastic, and adopt 5.25 inch speaker driver, power goes at 3-6Watts, which is good to cover as large as possible […]

13Aug 2017

Welcome to ARTONE english ver. website, ARTONE audio is dedicate to create a comfortable experience either for audio products purchasing or for online browsing. We will bring our sites and continuous improved products to clients in every aspect. Visit us at browse the product of power amplifier, ceiling speaker, wall mount speaker, horn speaker, […]